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We are master developers, investors, activators and placemakers. Our work is integral to the development or revitalization of authentic, timeless communities built on dynamic real estate projects that deliver diverse main streets, plazas, squares, town centres, urban villages and mixed-use neighborhoods. We apply strategic and collaborative processes to every mixed-use project, to arrive at feasible solutions for today’s market realities and the demands of our communities.

Our key responsibilities include:

Why You Will Succeed With LiveWorkLearnPlay

LiveWorkLearnPlay has decades of collective experience in large-scale mixed-use real estate planning and development. We have established a proven process founded upon the enduring business and planning fundamentals of Old Urbanism, along with the current best practices and principles of real estate development. Our process includes rigorous analysis, an integrated planning and development approach, and hands-on implementation and delivery of projects. Our solutions have consistently mitigated risk, generated price and rent premiums, and accelerated sales and leasing – catalysts for maximum commercial sales and performance. Our participation yields cost savings for our clients and results in superior mixed-use projects that significantly outperform conventional single-use developments.

Our experience has shown that when these mixed-use developments are planned and operated in a fully integrated way, the result is greater overall economic and experiential success for you and your stakeholders.

Discover the LWLP Areas of Expertise

Where We Work and Who We Work With

Our Core Focus Areas

  • City revitalizations and urban villages (downtown neighborhoods and waterfronts)
  • College towns and university districts
  • New Urbanist town centers and main streets
  • Destination recreational villages and resort towns
  • Workouts and turnarounds of real estate assets

Our clients include:

  • Planners and developers
  • Land and asset owners
  • Governments, municipalities and civic leaders
  • Colleges and universities
  • Health care institutions and medical clinics
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Financial institutions

LiveWorkLearnPlay has extensive experience resolving, repurposing, and repositioning neighbourhoods, projects and assets in order to deal with the realities of the challenging real estate marketplace. LiveWorkLearnPlay has successfully completed many workouts and turnarounds and continues to focus its efforts to help clients resolve such challenges.

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LiveWorkLearnPlay is an international real-estate advisory and development firm on the cutting edge of planning, developing, and implementing dynamic mixed-use real estate projects. We create places that thrive and endure.

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