Every lasting community has a vibrant mixed-use core where people gather: where commerce, culture, recreation, entertainment, education and inspiration meet. Our professionals have dedicated their careers to the creation and advancement of successful mixed-use real estate projects.

Our portfolio of work represents a proven record of lively and enduring places with thriving economies, anchored by a diversity of innovative businesses and institutions.

We believe that relationships are at the core of every successful business venture. We strive to breed a culture that brings out the best in ourselves, our clients, consultants, partners, communities and all other stakeholders.

Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals with eight decades of combined senior leadership and expertise in the field of planning and developing mixed-use legacy projects.

LiveWorkLearnPlay is an international real-estate advisory and development firm on the cutting edge of planning, developing, and implementing dynamic mixed-use real estate projects. We create places that thrive and endure.

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