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Florida State University

Led by LiveWorkLearnPlay, the master planning team continues to give shape to a previously undefined project, providing a clear vision, program and a sustainable development framework for creating a college neighborhood in the heart of Tallahassee.


Tallahassee is Florida’s state capital and home to over 60,000 students at three colleges and universities, including Florida State University (FSU), which boasts nationally ranked academic faculties and legendary college sports programs. Despite the significant student population, Tallahassee has historically lacked the feeling of a college town environment. The Seminole Boosters (Boosters) is the support organization for FSU Athletics and owns underutilized land in downtown Tallahassee, adjacent to the FSU campus.


In 2008, in collaboration with FSU, the City of Tallahassee and private investors, the Boosters began to revise their real estate strategy in order to maximize its revenue potential in a way that also fulfilled their core mission of serving and enhancing the university community. LWLP was engaged by the Boosters to lead a master planning process that outlined clear goals for Booster lands, provided a vision for mixed-use university neighborhood developments, and detailed conceptual physical plans for the sites along with an overall commercial development strategy. These efforts led to a major development known today as “College Town”.


  • Prepared an exploratory strategic reconnaissance memorandum examining the development potential for existing Boosters land holdings and prospective future acquisition targets
  • Developed a clear vision and development strategy for Boosters’ lands and adjacent lands, and engaged the support of university, city and private stakeholders regarding that strategic direction
  • Presented recommendations for maximizing the “highest and best use” of Boosters’ lands by improving the overall football game-day weekend experience while creating a mixed-use neighborhood environment that would service both FSU and broader Tallahassee community members
  • Delivered a conceptual master plan and commercial mixed-use development program which were approved by the Boosters Board of Directors and private sector partners
  • Catalyzed development momentum that has led to significant redevelopment and private sector investment in adjacent sites
  • Phase 1 of the development opened to the public in August 2013, with Phase 2 planned for delivery in 2015
  • Propelled by the success of “College Town”, LWLP has maintained involvement in Tallahassee to facilitate a complementary revitalization strategy for all of the downtown in 2013, working directly for the city



Seminole Boosters Inc.




25.4 acres (within a 351-acre study area)


38,108 students
6,129 faculty & staff


400 residential units

45,000 sq. ft. of retail space


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