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Rutgers University - Livingston Campus

Through a detailed market analysis, LiveWorkLearnPlay provided Rutgers University with the strategic direction to assist in realizing its vision of developing a dynamic mixed- use learning environment that connects and integrates the campus and its end users.


As the official State University of New Jersey, Rutgers University has committed to the redevelopment of its Livingston Campus in Central New Jersey. The Livingston Campus is one of the five distinct areas that make up the New Brunswick-Piscataway Campus. The Livingston Campus will be transformed from an antiquated campus and freshman living quarters, into a key campus for the University system and the new home of business and professional studies programs. The campus will become an integrated mixed-use campus designed for the times – a campus for the development and fulfillment of human potential and self actualization.


As a part of the master planning process, LiveWorkLearnPlay (acting as strategic advisor) was engaged to provide key direction to Rutgers University on its real estate decisions and to assist them in achieving an integrated campus experience. A Commercial Planning Study (CPS) was prepared by LiveWorkLearnPlay, which evaluated the feasibility of the commercial mixed-use core to support the existing and future academic, athletics and campus master plan. Market research and strategic direction were also provided for the campus student housing program, overall phasing, and potential funding structures for future development.


  • Performed a Commercial Planning Study (CPS) which determined the type and amount of supportable retail/commercial square footage for Livingston campus
  • Quantified the flow of people through Livingston Campus on a daily and seasonal basis
  • Conducted detailed in-person focus groups and individual interviews with senior university administration, faculty, student leadership, and the broader overall student body
  • Obtained consensus with university stakeholders for a common mixed-use commercial vision for the Livingston Campus
  • Identified key opportunities for mixed-use development to meet the needs of the Rutgers University system at large
  • Provided research-based preliminary recommendations and strategies for key mixed-use anchors (retail, restaurant, services) to be integrated into the Livingston campus-wide master plan


Rutgers University




935 acres


37,364 students
7,306 faculty & staff


30,000- 40,000 s.f. (planned)


316 acres


LiveWorkLearnPlay is an international real-estate advisory and development firm on the cutting edge of planning, developing, and implementing dynamic mixed-use real estate projects. We create places that thrive and endure.

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