Saxony Village Center

Acting as lead development advisor, LiveWorkLearnPlay led the masterplanning process and formulated a comprehensive plan, development program and strategies to create a waterfront Village Center in Saxony.


Saxony is a 750-acre mixed-use development located in Hamilton County, the fastest growing county in Indiana. Located 20 miles northeast of Indianapolis off I-69, the site straddles the municipalities of the Town of Fishers and the City of Noblesville. To the south of I-69, LiveWorkLearnPlay has outlined a strong vision for a mixed-use Village Center to the south of I-69 that will be the heart of Saxony development and the region.


In June 2009, Republic Development recruited LiveWorkLearnPlay to lead the envisioning, masterplanning, and business plan development for Republic’s mixed-use community. Through on-going financial analysis, LiveWorkLearnPlay provided the rationale for the planning objectives and for specific development decisions. As lead development consultant, LiveWorkLearnPlay led the master-planning process by managing planners, engineers, landscape architects, marketing experts and supported the approvals process to ensure that the plan continued to respond to key development objectives and market demand.


  • Carried out extensive interviews with market participants (developers, residential and commercial brokers, commercial operators), home buyers and renters, and members of the community to obtain input and generate support for the pro- posed development
  • Acted as key advisor for all real estate related decisions for the project
  • Conducted a Commercial Economic Study (CES) to establish the supportable level of commercial development , as well as a feasible and flexible mixed-use program tailored to local market characteristics and site-specific development factors
  • Provided business plans to optimize the performance of exist- ing assets within the development
  • Identified anchor commercial and public space uses and ex- periences, which will be key drivers to attract the target market of commercial Achievable Customers TM
  • Completed precedent research on successful mixed-use devel- opments in the region
  • Developed Mixed-Use Design Guidelines for the Saxony de- sign and development team with commercial design principles that are applicable to developing this commercial mixed-use neighborhood


Republic Development


750 acres


325,000 s.f. (planned)


350 beds (planned) for Clarian Health Campus
$800 million investment


25 acres of parks planned in south tract


LiveWorkLearnPlay is an international real-estate advisory and development firm on the cutting edge of planning, developing, and implementing dynamic mixed-use real estate projects. We create places that thrive and endure.

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